The iPads are Coming

2014-08-19 14.29.22

This year’s Grade 8 students will enjoy a powerful new instructional resource and learning tool! VCS staff members are busy preparing the fleet of iPads for deployment during the first week of school.

Exams and Finals

2014-06-12 14.11.23

On the same day that national soccer teams around the world begin to test their resolve at the World Cup, VCS middle schoolers begin final exams. It’s time to show what we know!

We’re Into the Lasts

2014-06-02 15.13.54

With the coming of June comes the beginning of the lasts … beginning with the last full week of classes. Just as the weather is heating up, so is our schedule! Students and teachers must complete a round of unit-end tests and year-end exams before crossing the finish line.

On the Move!


The Countdown to the 20th is On!

2013-05-23 12.58.33

Race Around the World!


VCS students in grades 3-8 begin round one of Race Around the World this week. Top contestants from each class will be eligible to advance to round two, to be held next week!

Students, begin your Race Around the World!

Once you’ve completed the quiz, please raise your hand so that your teacher can record your score. Good luck!


Jesus is the Risen One!



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