Sailing Away


Off we go! The Grade 8 class sailed west this morning, headed for a week of adventure.

Praying for Sun on the Seas

Screenshot 2015-05-18 21.30.40

The Grade 8 class hopes this forecast will hold out as they spend the next four days sailing the Gulf Islands!

Leonardo the Legend

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Today we took a look at Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest minds of the Renaissance. To him, nothing was impossible. Everything in nature was worth examining and studying.

Coming Full Circle

Math Blues


Check Mate

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The Grade 8 castle projects are here! Visit the well to see them throughout the month of April.

Here comes Theme Week!


Poetry Pop

All alliterations arouse an awesome awareness and agility!

Winter Weather Extremes

Avoid Anxiety!

2013-05-04 20.19.11


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